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Dec 2012
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earlyMusic City Baptist Church held it's first Sunday service on December 2, 2012. MCBC met in a store-front on Old Hickory Blvd. in Hermitage, TN. It was obvious in the beginning that God had prepared this church for "such a time as this!" With one usable classroom and seating for about 45 people, we prayed that the Lord would fill up our church quickly. Within just a couple of weeks, we grew to the capacity that our small auditorium could hold. Pastor Graham asked the church to pray for God to open up a new location for us to continue to grow.

Here's the story as told in the prayer letter of the Huffmans:

Although we started in the store-front on December 2nd, in just 3 weeks we had a full house.  We started praying for another location to allow us to grow and seeking every available building in the area.  As we looked, we were introduced to a building that use to be the old hospital in Nashville.

It is always amazing how God orchestrates His plan, uses people in your lives, and brings it all together.
When we arrived in Nashville, friends back in Utah told us of a family that was moving here also.  They put us in touch with them and through an invite this family came to visit our church on a Thursday night service in December. They then encouraged us to meet with one of their bosses, in Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.), here in Nashville, and set up an appointment for us.  We had a great meeting with him, and somewhere during that discussion he asked if we knew a certain Christian businessman in the area.  He gave us his phone number and encouraged us to call him. 

We did! This man was excited to hear of a fundamental Bible-preaching church coming to the area and wanted to help us.  Being on the board of directors for this old hospital building, he offered us the use of the newly remodeled auditorium.  We explained that we didn’t have much income right now and he told us we could meet there at a price we could afford, and would allow us use of an office area, which had also been remodeled!

early2So, in 2004, a family leaves Utah to go work with A.C.E. in Texas.  In 2012, A.C.E. decides to relocate their headquarters to Nashville and move that family from Texas to this new location.  Another family, following God's leading, leaves Utah in 2012 to come help start a church and God puts these families in touch…

I use to wonder how God could use our decisions for His will.  For instance, how He used Naomi to bring back Ruth, even though they left to “sojourn” in Moab.  A Pastor once told me “you can’t blame God for being God.” He knows the end, and He uses us in the midst of it all. God has a perfect plan and we can trust Him for He is faithful.

It amazes me every day that God would pick me. Then I stop and remember that God picked us all; He wants to use each and every one of us for His plan. 


This location in Nashville offered us the opportunity to grow as a church. It gave us needed office space for the ministry and room for fellowship. Yet, we prayed that this too will be a temporary facility for us and that one day we will need to find a larger meeting room so that more may hear the Gospel message. 









What's New Dec 2013
for our church...

In October of 2013, God opened the door and guided us back to the Hermitage area of Nashville. MCBC is now meeting at its new location, 3720 James Kay Lane, in Hermitage. We thank God for His provision and blessings. We will continue to work where God has placed us and look forward to the wonderful things He has in store for us here.

There are 800,000 “unchurched” souls in the Nashville metro area.  We’re going to need more seats! 


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