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Events for January 31, 2018

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7:00 pm

Bible Study

January 31 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
|Recurring Event (See all)

An event every week that begins at 7:00pm on Wednesday, repeating indefinitely

Mid-week Bible study every Wednesday night for adults, Youth group Bible study and Kidz World all @ 7 pm.

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Contact / Location

Contact info

Ph: 615-491-2073
7104 Lebanon Rd,
Mount Juliet, TN 37122

Gathering Times


Sunday: 10 & 11 am

Wednesday: 7:00 pm

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Jan. 21Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 21Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 24Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJan. 28Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 28Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 31Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 04Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 04Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 07Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 11Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 11Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 14Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 18Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 18Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 21Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 25Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 25Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 28Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 04Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 04Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 07Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 11Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 11Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 14Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 18Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 18Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 21Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 22Exploring the Death of the Son of God2:00 AMDetailsMar. 25Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 25Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 28Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 01Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 01Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 03Celebrate Recovery Women’s Step Study10:00 AMDetailsApr. 04Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 07The Night of Worship: His forgivness10:00 AMDetailsApr. 08Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 08Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 11How to Teach Children to Love God12:00 AMDetailsApr. 11Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 15Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 15Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 18Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 22Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 22Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 25Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 29Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 29Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 02Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 06Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 06Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 09Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 13Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 13Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 16Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 20Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 20Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 23Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 27Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 27Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 30Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 03Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 03Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 06Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 10Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 10Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 13Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 17Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 17Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 20Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 24Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 24Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 27Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 01Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 01Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 04Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 08Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 08Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 11Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 15Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 15Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 18Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 22Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 22Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 25Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 29Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 29Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 01Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 05Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 05Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 08Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 12Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 12Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 15Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 19Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 19Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 22Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 26Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 26Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 29Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 02Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 02Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 05Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 09Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 09Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 12Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 16Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 16Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 19Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 23Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 23Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 26Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 30Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 30Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 03Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 07Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 07Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 10Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 14Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 14Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 17Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 21Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 21Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 24Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 28Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 28Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 31Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 04Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 04Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 07Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 11Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 11Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 14Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 18Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 18Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 21Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 25Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 25Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 28Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 02Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 02Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 05Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 09Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 09Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 12Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 16Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 16Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 19Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 23Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 23Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 26Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 30Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 30Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 02Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJan. 06Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 06Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 09Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJan. 13Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 13Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 16Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJan. 20Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 20Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 23Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJan. 27Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 27Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 30Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 03Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 03Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 06Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 10Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 10Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 13Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 17Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 17Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 20Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsFeb. 24Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsFeb. 24Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsFeb. 27Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 03Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 03Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 06Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 10Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 10Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 13Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 17Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 17Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 20Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 24Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 24Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMar. 27Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMar. 31Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMar. 31Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 03Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 07Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 07Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 10Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 14Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 14Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 17Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 21Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 21Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsApr. 24Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsApr. 28Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsApr. 28Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 01Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 05Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 05Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 08Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 12Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 12Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 15Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 19Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 19Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 22Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsMay. 26Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsMay. 26Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsMay. 29Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 02Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 02Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 05Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 09Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 09Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 12Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 16Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 16Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 19Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 23Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 23Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJun. 26Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJun. 30Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJun. 30Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 03Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 07Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 07Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 10Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 14Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 14Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 17Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 21Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 21Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 24Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJul. 28Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJul. 28Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJul. 31Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 04Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 04Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 07Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 11Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 11Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 14Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 18Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 18Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 21Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsAug. 25Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsAug. 25Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsAug. 28Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 01Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 01Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 04Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 08Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 08Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 11Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 15Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 15Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 18Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 22Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 22Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsSep. 25Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsSep. 29Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsSep. 29Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 02Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 06Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 06Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 09Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 13Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 13Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 16Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 20Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 20Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 23Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsOct. 27Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsOct. 27Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsOct. 30Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 03Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 03Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 06Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 10Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 10Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 13Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 17Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 17Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 20Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsNov. 24Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsNov. 24Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsNov. 27Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 01Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 01Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 04Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 08Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 08Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 11Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 15Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 15Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 18Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 22Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 22Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsDec. 25Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsDec. 29Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsDec. 29Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 01Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJan. 05Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 05Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 08Bible Study7:00 PMDetailsJan. 12Bible Classes10:00 AMDetailsJan. 12Sunday Morning Service11:00 AMDetailsJan. 15Bible Study7:00 PMDetails